I attended a women’s outreach at our Verde Community Church this past week and we were encouraged to choose a word for 2019: to look it up in our bibles and to pray about how it might affect us throughout the new year. I decided on DIRECTION…but when I looked this word up in my bible it said… see GUIDANCE. When I flipped the pages to guidance, there were twenty references of scripture. Then I googled (You KNOW we do this) the ‘concept’ of the word guidance. “Guidance is a process of helping every individual through his own efforts to discover and develop his potentialities for his personal happiness or social usefulness.”

Wow, Under God’s guidance, through my effort to take time to read His word and still myself to really listen for His voice I may truly find direction for the rest of my life. While googling…I found a beautiful picture of the backsides of a little boy and his daddy walking toward a sunset. The caption read, “He looked to his father for inspiration and guidance.” I smiled and pointed to heaven. Yes, I need to look to my Father God for inspiration and guidance.

“Where God guides, He provides. No matter how things look, God is still in control. stay in peace and be hopeful. Your blessing will come soon.”

“No matter how dire things get, always say to yourself ‘this too shall surely pass and I will be victorious as always in the end because I am highly favored by my Father in heaven: You surely have all that you need through God’s guidance and protection.”

My daily prayer

Father, thank you for your guidance. Forgive me for getting ahead of your plans, and help me know when to stop and listen for your guidance. Your ways are perfect, Lord. Thank you for offering gentle grace.

My Word For 2019

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