I opened my website this morning and the category “Christianity is Hard Work” caught my eye. I felt myself smile. I had just put Bob Goff’s book, Everybody Always” down on the table in my living room. “Really?” I asked myself out loud, “You’ve been reading Bob’s books over and over for some time and the simple truth blasting my mind seems to say how easy it is to show others the simplicity of Christianity. Simply love people, all people, for who they are… God’s children!

I opened my dictionary to the word, hard.There is a long paragraph describing hard. 1) Firm and unyielding to the touch; solid. 2) powerful. 3)difficult to understand or deal with. 4) unfeeling, unfriendly. 5) harsh, severe. 6) having mineral salts that interfere with lathering. 7) energetic. 8) containing much alcohol. 9( addictive and harmful. 10) of currency, not credit-hard currency. So how hard is it to be a Christian?

(1)Our hearts can be firm and unyielding with our belief in Christ. (2) Our belief can be a powerful message to others if we live God’s word and not just ‘talk’ about it. (3) Christianity is not difficult to understand if others can see and feel our grace in the way we act toward everyone always! (4& 5) If we don’t act unfriendly or lack feeling in other’s trials or speak with harsh tones, how else will others see us except as “one of those Christians.” Amen! (6) The last time I looked at myself I wasn’t covered in mineral salts I couldn’t easily have washed off. Smile. (7) Energy in a Christians life is the biggest asset to a church family, especially when it is used to serve others in a community. Yahoo! (8) I threw this one in the garbage because I couldn’t see how hard liquor had anything to do with being a Christian… then I thought, well, any excess of anything is not something a Christian life should be a part of. (9)The addictive and harmful listed as in “heroin is an addictive and harmful hard drug” threw me a little. But then I remembered Goff’s words when he talked about how addictive love can be if we practice it hourly, daily. Then I looked at harmful and realized how harmful a lack of love is in every situation of our lives. No way can Christianity be harmful to anyone who becomes love and accepts Christ into their lives. After all eternity is forever. (10) I wanted to stop here because nothing came to me about hard currency and my above statement sounded like a’cool’ finish to me. Then, a scripture came to me about how we need to be mindful as Christians about our desire for money and how it can be “the root of all evil.” (1st Timothy 6:10) I started to laugh a little because my husband and I are not wealthy in a money sense, so I haven’t had to worry much about the effects of too much money. We are wealthy in so many ways much more meaningful; family, friends, health, an amazing church family and citizenship in the United States of America. Yep, we are rich.

So, there you go friends. After this little exercise, I’ve decided to take the “hard” out of my blog category.

The simplicity of Christianity

2 thoughts on “The simplicity of Christianity

  • July 6, 2018 at 4:22 pm

    My beloved friend you are so right. You have always worn the smile of a Christian. What a delight to have you for a friend. We may live across the country, but mercy, we pick up as if we had lunch yesterday. Thank goodness for such a Christian friend.

  • October 19, 2018 at 8:36 am

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