Have you ever felt life’s challenges are like pebbles in your way… irritating trials and challenges along your path? Maybe you too have questioned your walk with God or have used the statement, “Why me?” when the pebbles turn into boulders. Karen takes this kind of journey to find God’s grace and learns how to let go and let God.

In Pebbles In My Way, Karen is faced with challenges, trials, and struggles which feel like pebbles in her way, and some are so overwhelming she thinks they are boulders! Karen faces cancer, the death of loved ones, unwanted pregnancy, and more! Will these things overwhelm her to drag her down to the depths of despair or will she find the faith in God she needs to overcome?

“Chased by the Hound of Heaven” was released in July of 2021. My personal testimony is revealed throughout this book. It was difficult for me to put down on paper often throughout the process because my life was not always centered on Him. Many of the parts revealed are found in the fictionized “Pebbles” book. I had been told by an agent when I wanted to write “Pebbles'” that I needed to turn it into a fiction novel because no one would want to read my story because I wasn’t….an “Oprah.” So here you have it. A smaller version of just being, Alice….not giving a hoot that I’m not an “Oprah.”

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